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Health care Road trip

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We are Hitting the road to discover what works

The Healthcare Road Trip is a journey of discovery, storytelling and advocacy. We want to learn about the most inspiring projects that are making a difference in healthcare, not top down, but community up, so we can help amplify, spread and scale what’s working. Because we believe that when we come together where we live we can change how we live. 

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Here's where we're headed!

If you’d like to nominate an unsung hero or grassroots organization whose work is already making a difference in healthcare and could inspire others looking to solve similar issues, we want to hear from you.


Notes From The Road

I started the Healthcare Roadtrip because I’ve been California Dreaming ever since I first set foot in this  beautiful state at the age of 10. And I’ve wanted to tell its stories ever since.  I'm the co-founder of Health 2.0, a writer-filmmaker and an advocate for a healthier world. I'm passionate about bearing witness to narratives of change and translating and magnifying their impact on our lives. I'm from Bangalore, India but I call Los Feliz, Los Angeles home.

The Healthcare Roadtrip  began as a journey to learn more about the most challenging issues facing the health of our state’s diverse communities: unfiltered accounts told from the perspective of our residents and unsung heroes.  And to study the solutions that were coming up from the grassroots and small groups that are actually working -- if only we could raise awareness and help spread them! It soon became obvious that this wasn’t just about California, and so we will keep going. We hope to cover as much ground as our curiosity and belief in the power of community will let us.  

My goal is to explore the hyper-local realities of health from our physical bodies, homes, and relationships to our streets, schools, and places of work and worship. Health is personal, intersectional, and universal; I hope to explore the connections between these dimensions and for those connections to be a foundation for change.  

I won't be traveling alone. Along the way, I'll be collaborating with incredible people and organizations. I can’t wait to introduce you.

-Indu Subaiya


Our Team: 

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“Health is personal, intersectional and universal; I hope to explore the connections between these dimensions, and for those connections to be a foundation for change. “
Indu Subaiya