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Opioid Data Lab:

The opioid epidemic is a complex public health issue, so The Opioid Data Lab, a consortium of public and private organizations, together with the local community are turning to analytics to to help reduce the number of babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome - babies born dependent to opioids.

By bringing together data from insurance claims, prescriptions, and local records the Opioid Data Lab is able to create targeted solutions at a local  level to create real, lasting impact.

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“To truly look at how you can use data to bring transformational services to communities… something as simple as giving people a ride to their treatment can have enormous impact on the cost of healthcare.”
Mark Richey, Opioid Data Lab/Bioenterprise

Battle for our babies 

Infant mortality disproportionality affects underrepresented communities; regardless of location or education people of color have much higher rates of infant mortality. Battle for Our Babies began in Cleveland out of personal passion and led to a new kind of project at the intersection of technology, healthcare, and the arts.

In Cleveland, a diverse city came together to share their stories, but engagement was just the start. Now that community is connecting with tech innovators, the private sector, and the government in order to create solutions.