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Los Angeles

We start in the city of angels. 10+ million people in LA County known for their diversity, energy, and creativity. And that applies to how they respond to their biggest healthcare challenges. Follow us as we learn about the work of true angels fighting for health equity for immigrants and the homeless.



Southern California Physicians for Health Equity (SCOPHE)

SCOPHE was founded by doctors and medical students  in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.  Starting with informal gatherings around dinner tables after work, they’ve grown into an organized force for advocacy on behalf of their undocumented and documented patients and communities.  And they’re prepared to be a voice in politics heading into the midterms as they push to educate and elect representatives aligned with their mission.


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“I think that all of us, in our hearts, have the desire to be involved, and to make a difference. ...and to not just stand by…. that we stand up for people who are suffering.”
Mikhaela Cielo, MD

Los Angeles Public Library 

What do librarians have to do with improving access to healthcare?  A lot.

The Source provides a one-stop shop of services, resources, and assistance to the homeless and low income residents at a convenient location - the local library. Bringing together more than a dozen agencies once a month cuts through much of the bureaucratic red tape and hurdles that can delay getting temporary housing or even emergency shelter.  Hundreds of people are helped each month at the downtown branch alone, and the program is growing across LA County.